The Effect of Steroids on Mood Swings: Keeping Emotional Health in Balance

People started actively using steroids many years ago, as these are powerful hormonal drugs. Steroids are used to treat diseases, normalize hormonal balance, and for sports purposes. However, only a few people first think about steroids mood swings. Unfortunately, such phenomena are real, and you need to learn to cope with them to keep your emotional state normal.

The Stereotypical Association Between Steroids and Mood Variability

There are many myths about the connection between steroid use and rapid mood swings that have emerged among those who use steroids today. Many athletes, doctors, and others claim that regular steroid use encourages aggressive behavior and anger in people. Is this so? Let’s get to the bottom of it!

Steroid drugs do affect people. In some cases, after using the drugs for a long time, moods may indeed change. However, there is one important factor to consider here – what kind of steroid is a person taking? For example, Prednisolone is a steroid that is supposed to be of medium strength. It has a rapid effect on the human body. If you start to study in detail its principle of action and instructions for taking it, you will see that it has a number of side effects. Some people taking this drug suffer from sudden mood swings.

However, mood swings do not mean a sharp temper and aggression to people around you. Each organism is different, so the effect depends on the specific case. Sadness, joy, sadness, anxiety, optimism, and other types of emotional state of a person can be manifested.

Linking Mood Swings to Steroid Side Effects

Probably every experienced athlete who has taken various supplements knows that you can get steroids side effects if you don’t take them correctly. Sometimes there are cases when side effects appear even with normal dosage and course length.

Do steroids make you tired? This question is asked by many beginners who have not yet had time to use the drug. Steroids affect the body in different ways, both individual groups of human organs and the body as a whole. One of the common side effects of powerful hormonal drugs is rapid mood changes. They can affect a person’s emotional state and manifest themselves in different ways:

  • Anxiety.
  • Irritability.
  • Restlessness.
  • Euphoria.
  • Insecurity.
  • And more.

The downside of these emotional states is that they can easily lead to more complex psychological problems. A person can become self-critical and stop loving himself, which will negatively affect his future life.

How Steroid-Induced Mood Swings Differ Across Genders?

Different factors influence the change in mood after steroid courses. One of them is the gender factor. Many people think that it does not affect the side effects at all, but it is not true. Statistics show that men are more likely to become more aggressive after taking drugs than women. This is due to the peculiarity of the male body and the hormone Adrenaline. Men have more of this hormone in their bodies, so they can become angry faster. There is a whole methodology on how to manage more adrenaline correctly.

We have prepared a detailed table comparing the mood-related side effects that occur in men and women.

Irritability and Aggression
MenMay be irritated and aggressive
WomenLess likely
Emotional Instability
MenEmotional instability and mood swings
WomenEmotional instability and mood swings
Depressive Symptoms
MenDepressive symptoms, but not a depression
WomenDepressive symptoms, but not a depression
Libido Changes
MenImpact libido (increasing or decreasing)
WomenLess likely

Duration of Mood Swings Due to Steroid Side Effects

There is no single answer to the question of how long the effects of mood swings will last. Even an experienced doctor can only answer this question at a time. To understand how long you will have to deal with mood swings, you need to answer a few questions for yourself:

  • What type of steroid have you taken?
  • How long have you taken steroids?
  • What dose of medication have you taken?

You should also consider the individual characteristics of your body. These effects may last a few days, a week, a month, or even longer. Each case will be unique.

Ways for Maintaining Emotional Health

If you are unable to prevent the side effects of constant steroids mood swings, you need to learn how to cope with them. Your main goal is to restore your emotional health so that you don’t have complicated mental health problems in the future. Doctors note that a person’s emotional state can be changed to another. 

Control Your Condition

Try to monitor your condition carefully and regularly before taking the course, during the steroid intake, and after the course. This will help you see exactly what changes have occurred in your emotional health.

Keeping a notebook where you write down all the changes related to your mental health is best. Observe how your mood changes depending on the time of day, the particular atmosphere, and certain people. If you notice that certain people are having a bad effect on your state of mind, try limiting yourself from contact with them.

Regular Communication

If you are an introvert, it will be harder for you to get rid of mental problems and steroids mood swings. A person needs to communicate with others regularly to stay socialized and not dwell on their problems.

Is it allowed to communicate with other people remotely through social media? Sure, you can communicate that way but don’t forget to also communicate with other people in real life. Live dialog can give you positive emotions from communication.

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Obviously, you also need to include a healthy lifestyle on your «must-do» list to get your emotional health back on track. Remember the most important things:

  • Proper diet. Your diet should include vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish. Consume protein in the necessary amount and of course remember about the daily water intake. An adult should drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid per day.
  • Physical activity. Don’t lie on the sofa all day long, as this can add to your symptoms of depression. The best thing is to do sports, which can distract you from negative thoughts. You won’t have time and energy left to be aggressive or upset.
  • Full sleep. You need a good night’s sleep to be in a good mood. A person who does not get enough sleep can expose himself to a bad emotional state.

Doctors’ Supervision

If you experience depressive symptoms and sudden mood changes, you should always consult a medical professional. Only experts can best understand your case and give useful recommendations. Doctors may even ask you to take tests to get a more detailed picture of the disease.

Personalized Approach

Since your body is individual, you must find a personalized approach. Try observing your emotional state for a short time. You will notice what is positive and what is negative for you and your body. You need to tailor your steroid intake to your specific needs and circumstances.

This way, you will be able to create a personalized approach. By eliminating factors that negatively affect you, you will improve your emotional health. You can also seek help from other athletes who use steroids. Find out from them what works for them to deal with mood swings.

How to Prevent Mood Changes?

Doctors and experts highlight several recommendations and tips that will help beginners avoid harm to their emotional health from taking steroids. Try to follow all the recommendations, thanks to which you will significantly increase your chances of preventing steroids mood swings.

Safe Dose of Steroid Intake

Remember for the rest of your life the main rule of steroid medication use – the steroid dose pack must be calculated correctly and not violated. By using large doses in a short period of time, the athlete will realize why do steroids make you angry. Manufacturers write complete instructions on how to use the drugs, including the correct dosage. However, it is better to discuss the dosage with your doctor. 

Also, the quality of the drug is not an unimportant factor. Two people can use the same steroid from different manufacturers at the same time. At the same time, one of them will get side effects, and the other will not. Trust your choice only to quality products, which can be found in our online store.

Hospital Health Check

When you are taking a course of powerful medicines, you should go to the hospital regularly. It is not difficult to get a medical check-up, take tests, and talk to your doctor. In this way, you can quickly notice side effects and respond to them effectively.

Wrapping Up

Any steroid drugs can do both harm and good to a person. To minimize the negative effects, follow the instructions on the steroid package clearly. Mood swings and depressive symptoms can occur throughout the course of taking steroids. Therefore, it is important to learn how to deal with them to keep your emotional health in check.