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RAD140 (TESTOLONE) for Sale

RAD140, commonly referred to as Testolone, is a standout among the selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs), initially developed as an alternative to testosterone replacement therapy. It’s important to note the distinction between RAD140 and its esterified counterpart, RAD 150 or TLB 150. Unlike general androgenic substances such as testosterone, DHT, or anabolic steroids, RAD140 selectively binds to the Androgen Receptor, providing a more targeted effect and allowing you to avoid all spectrum of androgenic actions.

Importantly, Testolone is orally bioavailable; therefore, it does not require injections – a major discrepancy from many AR-mediated anabolic agents. RAD140 is a SARM known to have great potency in d muscle gain and lean mass improvement. This article will show the side effects, benefits, and where to buy RAD140.

Benefits of RAD140

Let’s begin with some good news: The advantages of RAD140 are impressive and scientifically confirmed between different legit Sarms for sale products. What’s more, any bodybuilder can share positive feedback.

Increase in Muscle Mass

Perhaps surprisingly, there was no obvious pattern of change in body fat; however, muscle mass improved significantly with doses of 0.1 and was higher for those treated with one mg/kg per day group members The study also reported no significant increases in liver enzymes activity or prostate weight indicating high specificity for androgen receptors of muscle tissue – which seemed a useful property to find compounds like this.

Improvement in Strength

RAD140’s influence extends beyond muscle mass to include notable strength improvements. The selective nature of its binding to androgen receptors plays a big role here, facilitating muscle development and strength without the typical side effects associated with more generalized androgenic impacts.

Fat Burning

The compound’s impact on body composition isn’t limited to muscle growth; it also contributes to fat reduction. This is particularly significant for individuals looking to enhance their physique by reducing body fat while gaining muscle mass.

How to Take RAD140

The appropriate dosage of RAD140, or Testolone, varies between men and women. For men, the recommended range is between 5 and 20mg per day, while for women, it’s advisable to halve this amount, suggesting a range of 2.5 to 10mg per day. A typical first cycle for bulking will consist of 10mg per day RAD140 and, at the same time, 5 mg a day LGD4033 intake over eight to ten weeks. After that, a post-cycle therapy of four to six weeks is advised.

Thus, the capability of RAD140 is indeed obvious; however, it should be noted that this supplement does not have FDA approval for human use, and one ought to limit its realization within research. The intricacy of any SARM or peptide revealed to the dark area in human physiology is fundamental for those academic fields and bodily workouts, especially when almost anyone can buy these compounds. Ensuring that these products are effective and pure is of utmost importance to ensure safe use.

RAD140 Side Effects

However, although RAD140 has fewer androgenic side effects than other SARMs or anabolic steroids like Testosterone, it is still not perfect. Users have complained about symptoms such as nausea, increased aggression, a reduced natural testosterone level, and even mild balding typical of the pattern found in males These effects, though not as grave ones seen with conventional steroids, are a noted concern for anyone who might desire to take RAD 140.

Hepatic Issues

With any such supplement or drug, the health of the liver is a major concern, and RAD 140 does not escape it. In a specific case study, it was revealed that upon using RAD 140 with an antidepressant for about eleven months, there was a liver injury to the person. However, it’s important to note the limitations of this study: it targeted a single patient, did not track the amount or quality of RAD 140 employed, and descended to neglect other possibly contributing health problems. Quite a few reports imply the potential association between SARMs like RAD 140 and liver injury; however, these researches lack comprehensive sample sizes or control groups to be used as solid evidence of a causative relationship.

Reduction in Testosterone Levels

Perhaps one of the most alarming side effects linked to RAD 140, and SARMs in general, is the effect it has on natural testosterone cutting. A negative feedback loop may be introduced in the body by the compound, leading to a suppression of testosterone hormone secretions and possibly affecting size modification. Nonetheless, there is a need for more intensive research to ascertain the occurrence rate and coverage of these processes.

Reduction in Cholesterol Levels

Besides the above, there is also a likelihood of RAD 140 impacting cholesterol levels. This side effect, which should not be forgotten by the users of such supplements in particular, is evident when one has pre-existing cholesterol disorders and also people who have been exposed to conditions related to cardiovascular illnesses.

Where to Buy?

Considering the widespread popularity of RAD 140 in bodybuilding circles due to its many benefits that include gaining muscles, building endurance, and even sleep or libido-related ones it is no surprise when demand goes high. RAD 140 is a product to consider in your supplement regime; and it’s important if you are thinking of implementing this substance into your regimen, that you source it from an authentic provider. Our online store provides RAD 140 as well as several other SARMs products ensuring quality and purity. You can visit our online store, MisterOlympia, and explore what we have to offer to make an informed selection. Remember that safety and effectiveness should always come first when choosing any supplement if SARM.

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60 capsules

Active substance concentration: 10 mg



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