Does the Bulking Diet Affect Weight Gain?

Do you regularly visit the gym but still haven’t seen the results you want on your body? Sometimes, the problem may lie in your approach to your diet. Many people underestimate the issue of nutrition to achieve their athletic goals. As you might already know, there are different phases of bodybuilding, including bulking, cutting, and maintenance. To gain muscle mass, you need to pay proper attention to training, rest, and, of course, a special diet.

What is this bulking diet meal plan, and how to eat properly to gain muscle mass? These questions are of interest to many new and even experienced bodybuilders. In this article, you will learn all the necessary information about what the best diet for bulking should look like to achieve your goals.

List of Products to Include in the Bulking Diet

Let’s move on to the important section of our article about what foods should consist in a bulking diet. Men and women should eat healthy and wholesome foods that are high in calories, balancing protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake to gain muscle mass. Compose your diet from foods such as:

  • Eggs. Eating whole eggs after a workout causes almost 50% greater muscle building effects than eating protein only.
  • Fish. Any experienced athlete will confirm that you can’t build your bulking diet without this product.
  • Oatmeal. Oatmeal is the best source of carbohydrates, and due to this, it burns fat quickly.
  • Chicken. The pureed portion of chicken meat is a great option to get lots of protein into your body.

These are just a small part of the products that you should include in your bulking diet. Favor healthy foods such as yogurt, cheese, rice, muesli and, of course, eat more fruits and vegetables.

What Foods Should You Avoid When Gaining Weight?

Since the bulking phase involves gaining «quality» muscle mass, athletes will have to limit the use of some foods. We have prepared the most important ones:

  • Alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption is always bad for the body, especially during the bodybuilding bulking diet period.
  • Products with a high salt content. Various studies show that foods high in salt are bad for your muscles and «bloat» your body.
  • Fried food. Fast food and other fried foods are becoming one of the main enemies of athletes who wish to gain pure muscle mass.

Obviously, some of these products should not be completely avoided. In some cases, you can simply limit their use as much as possible.

Calorie Consumption Control

The ideal option is to visit a nutritionist and make an individualized bulking diet plan. However, if you don’t have the opportunity to consult a nutritionist, then you can make your own calorie adjustments to your bulking diet. You must have heard the golden rule for the bulking phase – consume more calories than you expend.

Balance your diet for a successful diet. The universal ratio of macronutrients during the muscle gaining phase is up to 20% fat, about 30% protein and up to 60% carbohydrates.

Optimal Amount of Protein for Results

Protein is the main material for building muscles. Therefore, nutrition is based on gaining mass. In regular strength training, it is important to consume up to 2 g of protein per kilogram of weight. But each situation should be considered individually. There are many cases when it is optimal to consume 2.5 g of protein for each kilogram of weight and even increase it to 3 g. 

Cheese, chicken breast, peanuts, lentils, and tuna are protein-rich foods that you can include in your bulking up diet. Do not increase the proportion of protein in your diet immensely, as this can lead to impaired function of internal organs and central nervous system, as well as lead to serious digestive problems. 

Optimal Amount of Carbohydrates for Results

Carbohydrates are the most important source of energy. The diet for gaining mass should include about 5 g of high-quality carbohydrates per 1 kg of body per day. They regulate insulin levels and the hormonal system as a whole, help you recover after training, and are responsible for the transportation of nutrients to muscle tissue. With a deficit of carbohydrates, you will lose efficiency, feel weak and lethargic.

Fast carbohydrates can be completely excluded from the bulking diet because you are interested in gaining only quality mass. Focus on carbohydrates such as rice, fresh vegetables without high starch content, nuts, dairy products, and cheese.

Optimal Amount of Fats for Results

If you think that to properly gain muscle mass you should exclude fats from your diet totally, this is not the case. Muscles that gain nutrition for men and women must include triglycerides because they affect the production of testosterone. 

Include chicken, olives, peanuts, and avocados in your bulking diet. These foods are high in omega-9 fatty acids, which normalize sugar levels, strengthen the cardiovascular system, help avoid blood pressure spikes, and stabilize metabolism.

Smarter Ways to Boost Caloric Intake

Certainly, there are many healthy foods available. But how to plan the right diet for bulking so that you can consume more calories? For such a purpose, you need to refer to a study on satiety of foods. Bodybuilders need to choose foods that have the lowest satiety indexes. This will enable you to consume more calories without feeling unpleasant sensations in your stomach.

For example, let’s compare a standard lunch option – white rice and boiled potatoes. White rice has half the satiety index of boiled potatoes. Study the satiety indices of foods to create a bulking diet in the smartest way possible.

What Are the Best Supplements for the Bulking Phase?

Athletes who want to see visible results in the mirror faster should work hard in the gym and eat right. Another tip for the bulking phase is to take supplements. What are the best supplements for gaining muscle mass?

  • Trenbolone. Experienced bodybuilders have long known and used Trenbolone in their careers. The drug effectively helps build muscle mass and get rid of excess fat. In our store, you can easily find a large selection of injectable Testosterone for sale.
  • Deca Durabolin. Professional athletes appreciate Deca Durabolin for its versatility and call it the king of mass gain supplements. Buy injectable Deca Durabolin online only from trusted places.

However, remember that supplements are not magic things. Combine them with a proper bulking diet, regular exercise, and healthy rest.

Final Thoughts

As you may have already realized, the bulking phase requires athletes to have a caloric surplus. Moreover, the calories must be «quality», so avoid fried food, buns, alcohol, and other unhealthy foods. The best thing to do is to include more protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats in your bulking diet. This way, you will be able to maximize your muscle stimulation and grow.